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    Antiques? Be Amazed by the Choice on Offer!

    Written by vvmag

    Tucked away in the Hertfordshire countryside between the village of Redbourn and the town of Hemel Hempstead, on what was once a small country estate, you will discover one of the largest collections of antique furniture for sale in the country.
    Bushwood Antiques was originally based in London, moving to Stags End 18 years, where, displayed in two showrooms and a warehouse, are more than 8,000 items of antique furniture and accessories. Th e choice ranges from small occasional tables to large Georgian dining tables that can extend to seat 14 or more, as well as pedestal desks, bureaux, bookcases, sideboards and chairs galore. Choice About 18 months ago Bushwood Antiques was featured on a BBC Two programme called Cracking Antiques. The series featured a couple who needed advice on furnishing a home with antiques. The couple were fi lmed buying various items of furniture from us. Following the BBC programme we were inundated with customers who couldn’t believe the choice we offer.


    Most of the furniture is displayed in the condition in which it has arrived here and then restored when it is sold. Working this way, you can be involved in how your purchases are restored and if necessary items can be bespoke to you.


    Special Antique
    For example, dining tables and desks can be made taller to give more leg room without it being noticeable or, if the leather on a desk needs to be replaced, you can choose the colour. Of course some items will be in lovely condition and will only need a check over and wax. We do not accept outside restoration, as the restoration workshop is constantly busy working on furniture that has already been sold. So if you are looking to buy that special antique item or to furnish a whole house
    with antiques, do come and visit us, but be prepared to be amazed by
    the choice on offer…

    “Most items are displayed in the condition they arrived in, and only
    restored when sold, so you can be involved in the restoring and items
    can be bespoke”


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