Periods in relation to the reign of British monarchs, important developments, materials used and influential Designers:

Dates Monarch Period Important Developments Materials
1558-1603 Elizabeth I Elizabethan Furniture made by Carpenters Oak
1603-1625 James I Jacobean    
1625-1649 Charles I Carolean 1642–8: Civil War in England
Betters Chairs made by turners
Chests of drawers (evolving from mule chest)
1649-1660 Commonwealth Cromwellian    
1660-1685 Charles II Restoration 1666: Great Fire of London
Walnut becoming more popular
(Age of the Cabinetmaker)
1685-1689 James II Restoration Veneer and Marquetry coming into use  
1689-1694 William & Mary William & Mary    
1694-1702 William III William III    
1702-1714 Anne Queen Anne Baroque style influential  
1714-1727 George I Early Georgian    
1727-1760 George II Early Georgian 1756–1763: Seven Years War with France
Rococco style influential.
Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole – gives tax exemption for Jamaican mahogany
(Age of the Designer)
Mahogany begins to supplant walnut as a fashionable wood.
1760-1811 George III Late Georgian 1775–1782: American War of Independence
Neo–classical style influential
Regency Period
Popularity of satinwood
Popularity of rosewood (1800 -1840)
1820-1830 George IV Regency Greek Revival style influential
1793–1815: Napoleonic War with France
1830-1837 William IV William IV Seat springing introduced  
1837-1901 Victorian Victorian Gothic Revival
1851 Great Exhibition
Arts and Crafts style influential
1901-1910 Edward VII Edwardian Art Nouveau style influential